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What to Expect During Cleaning, Sanding or Refinishing of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floor refinishing entails reapplying or repairing the wood finishing on the floor. One may apply varnish, wood finish top coat, or lacquer. It improves and restores the aesthetic appeal of the floor. Hardwood Revival has created a niche in the competitive wood flooring industry.

Hardwood flooring appears beautiful and robust, but they require regular maintenance. The floors may get scruffy, damaged, or scratched. They may lose their luster and shine over time. For instance, the high humidity level in Columbia's spring season is known to affect the quality of the floor.

Sanding and Refinishing Hardwood Floors

While cleaning may offer a temporary shine to the wood floor refinishing, there are some cleaning and refinishing activities that require the input of a professional.

Refinishing and sanding gives your laminate wood floor a facelift. It makes the floor appear smooth, clean, fresh and new. Experts from Hardwood Revival of Columbia MD can work the magic on your floor. However, here is what to expect during the floor refurbishing process.

Expect no perfection

Wood is a natural product. While refinishing and sanding works wonders, the wood will not be perfect. For starters, hardwood has knots, color, and graining variations; that makes the wood beautiful. Sanding will make old and stained floors look much better but nothing close to perfect. Refinishing will not cover the gaps, but it gives the floor a better appearance.

Expect plenty of dust

Sanding and dust are synonymous. Sanding creates a cloud of fine dust. Fortunately, the pros have fool-proof techniques that help control the dust. Some even use the "dustless" machine that makes cleaning and dust control manageable.

Project timeline

Restoring, sanding, refinishing hardwood floors takes time depending on the scope of work. Homeowners should discuss the specifics with the flooring contractor. It may take anywhere from 3-5 days. Additional tasks such as adding a carpet may take longer. Also, the floor requires time to cure and dry.

Some flaws are not "fixable"

Refinishing will smooth the wood and the finish. It will not fix the gaps or any other flaws on the wood. Expect some variation if the contractor installs new wood pieces.

Hardwood Floors - The Screen and Recoat Process

Tips on how to keep your wood floors clean

Wooden floors are a significant investment. Sadly, they take a beating when we walk over them. By the end of the day, the floor looks gleam. Here is how to clean hardwood floors without causing damage.

  • Remove any movable items on the floor area. Invest in furniture pads to avoid scratching the floor.
  • Use a vacuum floor or dry mop to remove the loose, dirt and debris.
  • Clean the floor using a mop, following the grain on the floor. For polyurethane floors, dampen your mop in water. Thoroughly wring the mop before running it back and forth in smooth strokes. For shellacked or lacquered floors, avoid using water as it stains the wood resulting in buckling.
  • Use a cloth to buff the floor. The cloth removes the soapy residue and shines the floor.

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