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Refinishing Hardwood Floors: DIY or Hire A Pro?

Hardwood makes beautiful and durable floors; however, it requires regular maintenance now and then. While the warm weather in Arlington, Virginia is welcomed, the humidity in spring may affect the quality of your hardwood flooring. Fortunately, Hardwood Revival has the expertise to handle such eventualities.

Hardwood floorings utilize timber-manufactured products. They are either aesthetic or structural, and they come in various cuts, styles, and cuts. Hardwood floorings have a finish that makes it smooth film and durable. The film or finish resembles the thickness of waxed paper that creates an anti-slip surface, offers an attractive appearance and extends the floor life.

Sanding Wood Floors In Arlington

What happens when your hardwood floor loses its luster and sheen? What if it shows signs of damage and wear? While hardwood floor refinishing? can be a DIY project, it is better to hire a professional to do the work.

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Why Hire A Pro

Here are a few reasons why refinishing old hardwood floors should be left to the professionals:

Industry experience

Hardwood refinishing may require sanding. The benefit of hiring a pro is that they have a wealth of experience. The professional floor refinisher has worked on different floor types and knows the right working conditions and procedures. Additionally, the pro has the tools. It saves homeowners the hassle of buying or renting the tools with zero or little experience on how to use them.

Dust control

Experts from Hardwood Revival of Arlington know how to control the dust released during sanding. During sanding, a huge cloud of fine dust is produced, and it may overwhelm homeowners. The dust may settle on furniture or surfaces of the houses causing health problems. Well, cleaning the mess is not a walk in the park. Save yourself the disaster and hire a professional to keep the dust under control.

Length of the project

Let me burst your bubble; wood floor refinishing Arlington is not a weekend affair activity. It may take 3-5 days. During the refinishing, expect a lot disruption in the house as the furniture needs moving. Attempting to do that on your own may drag the project longer than necessary. Hiring a pro for the finishing and sanding job helps ensures the work is done in the shortest time possible.


If a husband sands the floor and messes up on the job, expect some yelling and reprimand from the wife. However, hiring a professional is an assurance that mistakes will be avoided. An amateur may gouge deep in the wood causing permanent damage. Additionally, one may rush the drying time resulting in an unattractive finish. The hardwood floor finish may appear dry, and house owners may place furniture and rugs thereby ruining the finish.

While homeowners may opt to sand and refinish their hardwood floor, it is essential to enlist the services of a professional. It may be cheaper to do it on your own, but it may cause further damage to the floor.

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