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Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance and luxury to your home or business. And, maintaining hardwood on a daily basis isn't difficult, but when traffic on the floorboards dims the finish, your floor could use a little maintenance. If you live In the D.C. area, Hardwood Revival of DC is ready and able to give your valuable hardwood floors the maintenance they need.

Refinishing Protects Hardwood Floors

The genius of today's urethane finishes for wood flooring is that they combine beauty with function. Not only does the floor's finish amplify and highlight the natural beauty of the wood, but it also protects the wood from damage. When you maintain the finish, you refresh the hard layer on top of the floor, so that scratches and dings from everyday living just mar the surface without marking the wood itself. Recoating the floor adds a new and gleaming layer of protection to restore the beauty, color and life to your floor, adding one more advantage to the many advantages of hardwood floors.

If your floor looks clouded and scratched, there is a decent chance that the wood isn't affected at all. Our professionals are happy to come to your location in D.C. or the Virginia and Maryland suburbs to examine any areas of concern and give our expert recommendations, with no obligation whatsoever.

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

We offer professional refinishing services for all types of wood floors, from solid hardwood to engineered hardwood and other natural materials like cork and bamboo.

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From the first phone call with our phone representative, Hardwood Revival of DC is raising the bar on what it means to have a good customer experience. Our D.C. branch is locally based for punctual service and technicians who arrive when expected. With flexible scheduling, our services are right for businesses and homeowners alike.

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