Hardwood Cleaning and Refinishing in Silver Spring

Does your wood floor look scratched and worn? Is the finish cloudy or dull instead of gleaming?

Hardwood Revival of Silver Spring can rejuvenate all types of wood floors, bringing beauty back to your home or office. We offer cleaning, maintenance, refinishing and repair services for comprehensive wood floor restoration.

Hardwood Revival of Silver Spring
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Diagnosing Your Floor's Finish

The finish on your hardwood floor has a dual purpose: to enhance the wood's appearance and color with a uniform sheen and to protect the wood from being damaged by the rigors of everyday life (or damaged by water damage.

When it comes to wood floor restoration, the finish is the first thing we look at.

Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose your floor's finish with confidence and to predict the likely outcomes of various hardwood floor refinishing options.

Screen and Recoat Vs. Sanding and Refinishing

When the existing finish is intact, then the scratches you see are literally on the surface, and we can refresh the finish with a screen and recoat. This involves roughening the top of the finish and afterwards applying the new coats of finish in your choice of sheen, from matte to high gloss. This renews the protection on your floor, but will not address any stains, dents, or scratches in the boards themselves.

When the finish has been worn away in places, the whole floor must be sanded and refinished because it is impossible to match an existing finish with a new finish - you will see the areas fixed because they will reflect the light differently. When a floor has been waxed, the wax must be completely sanded away, or else the new finish will react with the wax and peel away from the floor.

Sanding and refinishing also addresses damages like scratches, dents and gouges that can make a difference in your floor's appearance. The extra time and effort is well worth it when you see the gleaming results.

If you have a home or business in Montgomery County, schedule your floor inspection today. Hardwood Revival of Silver Spring is your experienced hardwood floor refinishing service.

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