Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Bethesda, MD

Do you want to install a new floor or update an old one? Due to its characteristics and aesthetic component, hardwood is one of the best available options. And Hardwood Revival of Bethesda is here to help you.

We're a team of flooring experts in Bethesda, Maryland. We focus on installing new floors, as well as cleaning, repairing, and refinishing hardwood floors. Besides, we carry out deep wood floor cleaning. Perhaps, we should make you conversant with some of the services that we offer. Here is a comprehensive analysis of what you get from us.

Hardwood Floor Installation

At Hardwood Revival of Bethesda, we pride ourselves on our expertise in installing new hardwood floors for our customers. We can install all types of flooring, with any method required. Whether it is a floating floor, a glue down, or the solid hardwood is stapled or nail to the subfloor, you can be sure that the floor will be installed professionally for superior durability. We can help you match your vision to the right floor type for your property.

Hardwood Revival of Bethesda
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Floor Refinishing

Do you have a stained or damaged floor? Our refinishing services include screening and recoating or sanding and refinishing, as well as sanitation and disinfection services. Usually, the condition of the floor determines whether we should consider sanding and refinishing or whether a screen and recoat, also called buffing, will restore the floor's finish. The latter option is ideal for floors where the damage is to the finish, and not to the wood itself, while the former option addresses more considerable damage. We pride ourselves on high quality refinishing equipment with reliable heavy-duty dust removal attachments. These tools play a vital role in keeping the mess in your house to the minimum.

Screening and Recoating

Indeed, there are times when the finish on your floor will be damaged, but not extensively enough for a refinish. Well, screening, which is also called buffing, is what you need. With this process, we will ensure that your floor is not only protected but also refresh its sheen. Usually, we will rely on polyurethane for this task. Ideally, this process will give your surface a renewed glow and a refreshing appeal. While at it, we will allow you to change the finish from glossy to satin, or vice versa.

However, this process is not suitable for waxed floors or those that are worn down past their initial color. Further, we would not advise you to pick this option if you wishto change the color of your surface.

Sanding and Refinishing

Sanding would be the best option when screening is not enough for you. Well, at Hardwood Revival of Bethesda, we aim at sanding and refinishing multiple types of wooden floors. Sanding will remove a very thin layer of the floor boards, so all scratches, gouges and dents should be addressed. Even so, we understand that you might be having concerns about dust from sanding your floors. Worry not. We come with some of the best equipment to help in addressing this issue, and we will be meticulous in cleaning up after the job.

Deep Cleaning

Occasional deep cleaning will be beneficial to remove ground in dirt from your floor. We offer reliable deep cleaning solutions to address any grime, stubborn stains, and oil built-up on your floor.

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