Hardwood Floor Refinishing Reston VA

Hardwood floors are highly resilient and durable after installation in a residential building. These surfaces can withstand heavy usage with minimal wear and distortion. In addition, when properly processed, they will resist damage from moisture and pests. On the other hand, hardwood floors are not indestructible; they are prone to damage when exposed to harsh conditions. The causes of damage range from poor usage and insufficient maintenance to accidental issues. If your floor is showing signs of stress and wear, you should consider hardwood floor refinishing.

What Does Refinishing Hardwood Floors Mean?

You should understand what is wood floor refinishing in Reston, VA before you engage these services. In general, when a wooden floor is processed or installed, the upper layer is refined and finishing is applied on the surface. The purpose of these procedures is to improve the appeal of the hardwood. Also, the finish improves protection against moisture and other harmful environmental elements. In addition, the layer makes cleanup and general maintenance easier.

However, over time, the original finishing wears away due to continued usage of the floor and exposure to adverse conditions. This reduces the visual impact and compromises the performance of the floor. Refinishing is the process of restoring hardwood floors by repairing any damage and reapplying the finishing coat. When this technique is performed as expected, the appearance of your hardwood floor will be the same as a new surface.

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Why Choose Professional Wood Floor Refinishing?

When refinishing your hardwood flooring, you can choose to perform the project as a DIY project or engage experts such as Hardwood Revival of Reston for the task. The main advantage of choosing refinishing without professional intervention is the lower cost of the project. However, this is not an advisable choice because your lack of knowledge and experience might do more harm than good. Generally, professional hardwood floor refinishing experts have skills which allow them to perform exceptional work.

Therefore, your floor will look great compared to if you refinished. There is no risk of damage to your floor. Most DIYers damage their floors and have to pay more money for restoration. In addition, experts will refinish the work quickly, allowing you to enjoy your home again. Therefore, whether you are planning on sanding and refinishing hardwood floors or refinishing hardwood floors without sanding, choose professional work to get the best results and avoid inconvenience.

Cost of Wood Floor Refinishing

There are different factors that you should consider if you are planning on performing hardwood floor refinishing for your Reston, VA home. These aspects will help you prepare for the project and ensure success. One of the most important factors that you should think about the hardwood floor refinishing cost. This will depend on the size of your home, the extent of damage and your special requirements.

You should note that there are different processes which can be carried out during the refinishing project. The selected techniques will affect the total costs. For example, you can choose the traditional procedure which involves sanding wooden floors. Alternatively, you should think about restoring hardwood floors without sanding. The results for both techniques are great depending on the specific condition of your home.

Sanding wooden floors is more labor intensive compares to wood floor refinishing without sanding. There are also cost implications of buffing hardwood floors, hardwood floor scratch repair and applying hardwood floor polish. Also, refinishing old hardwood floors is considerably more expensive than handling a relatively new alternative.

If you would like to learn more about what to expect when refinishing hardwood floors in Reston, VA, how often should hardwood floors be refinished and even how to restore laminate wood flooring, call Hardwood Revival of Reston. You will receive expert guidance and a free estimate to help you plan for your home improvement project.

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