Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Hardwood Floors Advantage

Many people wonder whether carpeting or hardwood flooring is better. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. The right answer for you will depend on your family's lifestyle or the requirements of your business. Let's look at some of the advantages of hardwood flooring.

A Lasting Investment in Your Home or Business

Hardwood floors are an investment in your property. The National Wood Flooring Association conducted a survey of real estate agents to determine how the presence of hardwood flooring affects house sales.(Click to see the survey) The real estate agents said that houses with hardwood floors sold more quickly, more easily, and with a higher purchase price than other houses. Hardwood floors can easily last nearly a century. Compare that to carpets, which may last 10 years with proper care and professional cleaning. With current decorating trends moving away from carpeting and towards hard flooring choices, owners of older homes are even pulling away carpeting to reveal the original hardwood floors underneath. And hardwood is a viable choice even in difficult economic times, as hardwood flooring repair and restoration can give even better results than replacing the hardwood with another flooring choice, and at lower cost.

Express Your Personality

Wood floors can play a starring role in decorating, supporting every look from casual to formal. Just add an area rug for endless variations and the added softness underfoot. If you want to change the room's color scheme, you can switch rugs easily, and even store unused rugs for future redecorating. You can even change the sheen of your floor. Urethane finishes come in four predetermined sheen levels: glossy, semi-glossy, satin, and matte. If you want to tone down a too-glossy finish, Hardwood Revival can re-coat your floor with a lower luster finish. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded to remove the current finish and stain, and then stained a different color as part of the refinishing process.

How People View Hardwood

Just as people form impressions of each other based on how they are dressed, a well-maintained hardwood floor gives visitors an impression of wealth, sophistication and well-being. It makes people feel good to have a natural flooring material, and the variations in color and wood grain add character to businesses and residences alike. Particularly for businesses, wood floors convey a sense of permanence, durability and respectability.

Better for Allergies

For indoor allergy sufferers, it is great to know that wood flooring does not harbor dust mites or other allergens. Any allergens that end up on the floor are quickly removed with regular cleaning. And cleaning your wood floor is easy. Just sweep well or vacuum (without a beater bar, please - a beater bar will damage the finish) as often as required to remove all dirt, grit and other particles.

Ecologically Sound

The forestry industry in this country is ecologically sound. By planting new trees at a greater rate than they are harvesting it, domestic hardwood is a renewable, sustainable resource. Unlike carpeting, which all too often is sent to landfills when it is removed, wood flooring can be reclaimed for other use. There are lots of reasons to keep your hardwood floors in good condition. Rely on professionals like Hardwood Revival for professional hardwood floor refinishing and repair.

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