New Finish for Your Wood Floors

3 Ways to Know You Need a New Finish for Your Wood Floors

Are you afraid your hardwood floors' finish isn't doing the job anymore? Afraid of your wood floors being damaged due to poor maintenance? Or maybe you just want them to look better and newer? Know when to get your hardwood floors refinished with our simple guide.

Your wood floors need maintenance on a regular basis. If you have lots of traffic on your wood floors, or they haven't been maintained for a long time, you'll need more than just a simple cleaning. But how do you know your wood floors need a refinishing? And what refinishing? And who should do it, you or a hardwood floors expert?

Do the Floors Look Good?

The first test of wood floor finish is to see how they look to the eye. If you feel your floors look dull or the finish isn't looking as good as it used to, you may want to consult with a professional who'll give you a more in-depth opinion on the matter. If you're not sure how bad the condition is, try to have a look at a high traffic area, and compare it to a far corner of the room, and see if there are noticeable differences in the appearance. Comparing a worn out high traffic area to a non-used area will show just how much has happened to the finish from the last time you had the floors refinished (or installed).

Testing the Surface

First thing you need to do is understand if your current floor finish is in good condition, and serving its purpose to protect the wood. The best way to do it is the water test, which is described in length in our article about how to identify you need hardwood floors refinishing. In short, you use a tablespoon of water, poor it on the surface of the wooden floor, and see what happens. If the water get absorbed into the floorboard, you probably need refinishing or at least screening (more about that later).

It Has Been Too Long Since the Last Refinishing

Wood floors refinishing is recommended every 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the wooden floors and what they're made of. Different types and manufacturers need different maintenance and upkeep, and you should know when and how your floors should be handled. Do you even know what finish your floors have? If not, you should find out or consult a hardwood floors refinishing expert.

If it has been over 10 years, you definitely need a refinishing, and all you need to do is decide if you want to do it yourself, or call the experts of Hardwood Revival to assist you. We can help you decide the best way to refinish your floors and make them look renewed and refreshed.

Now that you know you need a refinishing, what type of refinishing do you need? Read more about your options in this article - Full Wood Floor Refinishing or Just Screening?

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