5 Signs That You Need Wood Floor Refinishing

5 Signs That You Need Wood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood floors add beauty and convenience to your home, especially in high-traffic areas. The rich wood tones, clean shine, and durability make them a superior alternative to carpets. However, while they can withstand a notable amount of wear and tear, keeping them beautiful requires occasional refinishing. If you've never owned hardwood floors before, it can be difficult to determine if a refinishing is required. Refinishing can restore the beauty of your hardwood floors and extend their longevity.

Why is it Important to Refinish Wood Floors?

While hardwood floors are quite durable, wood floor refinishing is essential to preserving their aesthetic beauty and extending their longevity. Even the hardest woods can be subject to scratching and wear that ruins their finish and leaves them looking dull and lifeless. Refinishing your floors will bring out their original shine, smooth any imperfections, and lets their inner beauty shine. The two-step process involves the thorough removal of the upper layer of damaged wood and restoring the finish with a fresh coat. This process conceals imperfection, protects against future damage, and keeps your hardwood floors looking amazing for years to come.

Signs You Need Wood Floor Refinishing

So, how do you know when it's time to get your hardwood floors refinished? We've provided five indicators that will let you know that it's time to restore their beauty:

1. Scratches, Dents, and Gouges

Scratches, gouges, and dents are some of the most obvious indicators that it's time to get your floors refinished. These signs of wear are the result of moving furniture, accidents, and the day-to-day foot traffic through your home. Not only do these imperfections reduce the beauty of your wood floors, but they also indicate damage to the protective sealant. This can allow fungus and moisture to seep into the unprotected wood, and cause physical damage to the wood boards. Refinishing the floors will re-seal them to protect against damage and staining will restore a flawless appearance.

2. Discoloration or Fading

Your hardwood floors can begin to lose their natural color or fade from exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and even sunlight. You'll notice discoloration most starkly where furniture and rugs have been placed on the wood floor. These areas of uneven tone can impact the beauty of your hardwood floors by making them look splotchy. Thankfully, refinishing your hardwood floors can help restore the richness and vibrance of their colors while smoothing out color variations. The result is a boost to the beauty of your space.

3. Dullness and Lack of Shine

Over time, it's common for the sealant on hardwood floors to begin to dull. As their reflectiveness fades, it results in a lackluster appearance that can leave the floor looking dirty. Cleaning products, foot traffic, and general activity can begin to wear at the protective finish. You can restore the beauty and shine even of an old hardwood by having them refinished by professionals like those at Hardwood Revival.

4. Warping or Cupping

Hardwood floors with a compromised finish can expose their wood to moisture from spills or humidity. When this happens, the wood can cup or wrap, creating an uneven surface with convex and concave areas. In addition to being a hazard, this can lead to extensive damage to the floor. Refinishing these areas will ensure that no moisture will penetrate the wood floorboards, preventing any damage to your wood floors.

5. Water Damage

The biggest risk to your hardwood floors is water damage. Water damage can come from many sources, including leaks, spills, and flooding. Exposure to excess moisture can lead to the cupping and warping mentioned above. Even more worrying, it can cause your hardwood floors to collect unpleasant smells, and even rot. Musty odors, buckling, and staining are all signs your floors have experienced water damage. Refinishing your hardwood floor can help reduce the severity of damage from exposure to moisture and restore its original beauty.

Benefits of Wood Floor Refinishing

Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to refinish their wood floors on their own. Preparing your floors for receiving a fresh coat of sealant requires knowledge and skill to do it properly. That's why we suggest seeking flooring professionals like those at Hardwood Revival. Here are some of the benefits of working with our professional flooring team:

DIY vs. Professional Wood Floor Refinishing Service

The idea of saving money by refinishing your wood floors on your own is a temptation that leads many homeowners astray. The pros and cons of taking this approach require careful consideration. Here are a few reasons why going with Hardwood Revival for your floor refinishing needs is often the best choice:

How Much is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

The price of refinishing your floor is impacted by several factors. One factor is the square footage of your floor, the type of wood, and how extensive the damage is. We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your floor's condition and give you an estimate for refinishing them. Call us at 888-647-2123 to request an estimate for refinishing your floors today!

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